O'SHEA Project

O'SHEA project is motivated by a desire to leave the coming generation with tools necessary to fight the increasing lawlessness, brazen distortion and unbalanced teachings purported to issue from the Bible that we daily encounter in our society.

Christianity has become more charismatic in outlook and has a wide spread appeal across all spectra of society, yet it has become very thin in impact. The characteristic mile long and inch deep Christianity that pays lip service to transformation.

The O'SHEA project is construed to arm the upcoming generation with tools necessary for a biblically based lifestyle. The pressure on this generation is great and perhaps greater than what previous generation of Christians have known. The insidious penetration and progress of post modernism in its various forms that make humans laws to themselves and unaswerable to anyone makes this project an imperative.

The quest for living in this terrestrial world has become an ultimate pursuit that had made many jettison a life lived in great anticipation of the world to come. The O'SHEA project is a call to a life lived in the shadow of our eschatology.

I heartily welcome everyone to this project, I pray that through it we may have a renewed thirst to seek Him and His word. Shalom!

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This is a special course arranged and taught by Professor Williams Mbamalu