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Greek 101 (B)

Category: Greek Grammar

Course Details:

Course Description: This is an introductory course to New Testament Greek for beginners. It introduces the student to the morphology, syntax, and words that occur frequently in the Greek New Testament.

Course Purpose: The aim is to equip each student with the skill to read the Greek New Testament and the New Testament Theological Dictionaries.

Course Outcome: Each participant should be able to read the Greek Bible at the end of the course and be familiar with words that occur regularly in the bible.

Course Assessment: There shall be regular assignments to reinforce learning.

Course Content


Greek 101 (A).


- Greek Nouns (First declension MASCULINE nouns)
- Greek Adjectives
- The Demonstratives (adjectives and pronouns)
- Pronouns
- More Verbs (Imperfect tense Indicative Active voice)
- More verbs (Present Indicative Passive voice/ Imperfect Indicative Passive)
- More Verbs (Present Imperative Active/Passive voice) - More Verbs (introducing the infinitive; Future Indicative Active Voice; dunamai) - More Verbs (the Aorist tense)

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This is a special course arranged and taught by Professor Williams Mbamalu